How To Fix Your Credit

Five Steps to Better Credit:

1. Pull your credit report and dispute inaccurate information.

2. Pay off or settle any collection accounts.

3. Pay down balances that are close to the limit.

4. Have a mixed portfolio.

5. Make all payments on time.

Below is a Diagram of What Affects Your Credit Score

Diagram of Credit Breakdown

Tips On How To Fix Your Credit

The best way to fix your credit is knowing what is on your credit report.

If there are any negative items, make a list and start contacting the creditors. The older the creditor is on the credit report, the easier it is to negotiate a deal with them. 


When you do not pay a bill, it will get sent to a collection agency

Sometimes when the debt passes from one collection agency to another collection agency. They purchase the debt for pennies on the dollar, so they are more willing to take less than what is owed.


A charge-off or chargeoff is a declaration by a creditor that an amount of debt is unlikely to be collected. This occurs when a consumer becomes severely delinquent on a debt. Traditionally, creditors make this declaration at the point of six months without payment. A charge-off is a form of a write-off. Wikipedia